Aquilim 315

RENIASKU: 890105


Solvent-free Polychloroprene dispersion, particularly designed for bonding materials occurring in the shoe-
industry, Pedorthics, Prosthetics, bags, foam, and related materials.
Many materials can be bonded with each other like PUR-foam (PPT, Poron), leather, rubber, certain PE and
PP types, EVA, cork, felt, Styren, ABS, wood , etc. A special precoating is not necessary. Drying in an oven,
with a heat gun, or IR is possible. Working with heat is not necessary, but allows working faster. The
adhesive film is very flexible and transparent. Water-resistance can be increased greatly by mixing adhesive
with 3-5% of Hardener =A300=.
First grind or sand all the materials. Clean foam from separators (tests are necessary). Aquilim can be
sprayed, applied with a roll, brush, doctor blade, etc. If a porous material is combined with compact material,
apply only on the compact side and fix the parts within a few minutes. This greatly increases the drying time,
since the water needs to evaporate through the top layer.
4-6 hours when mixed with Hardener =A300=.
Depending to the combination of the materials and the method of application, the drying-time is 30-60 min.
The adhesive film can be reactivated with an IR lamp, with a quartz heater, a high-capacity IR-UV lamp or a
heat gun. The adhesive turns clear as soon as it is completely dry.

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